May 27, 2016


Welcome to MyExamScore



The Web site devoted to ensuring that you pass the most important examination of your professional life — the one that is going to start you in your career.


Make no mistake, the examination you are facing is as hard or harder than you imagine. The fail rate for many certifications is as high as 60%.


And the stakes of not passing are high:

HIGH COST  • You — or your company — will spend a lot of money on the exam. Depending on the certification you seek, fees for all sections can easily top $1,000 each time you take the test. In short, if your company is paying, they expect you to pass sooner rather than later.

HELD UP PROMOTION • Perhaps not passing will keep you from being promoted and keep your company from experiencing the full value of your training.


TIME SPENT • You’ve invested hours, weeks and months in study. That’s time away from your family, friends and life.  If you don’t pass, you’ll have to do it all again.

WAITING PERIODS • Often, after you’ve taken a professional exam and failed, there’s a waiting period before you can take it again — so you are in limbo with your career even longer!


Clearly, passing the exam the first (or next) time you take it is important. 


Accomplishing this objective is what MyExamScore is all about!